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-===== Call for Conference Proposals ​=====+===== Upcoming conferences in 2021 =====
-WSF Conference ​2021+== 1. The Political Economy of Migration == 
 +University of Hong Kong, May 28-29, ​2021 
 +(the CfP will be published soon)
-Deadline: April 15, 2019 
-Are you interested in organizing a sponsored, international conference in your field of research expertise? 
-The objectives of the International Sociological Association'​s Research Committee on Economy & Society 
-(RC02) is to promote the development of the theory and practice of the sociology of economic life; to 
-improve research and promote meetings in the field of the sociology of economic activity at all national, regional and international levels; to provide information on significant developments in this field, 
-particularly through scholar publications;​ and to unite the professional qualities, social consciousness 
-and experience of its members for work on the problems of the sociology of economic activities 
-throughout the world. 
-{{ :​conferences:​2021:​wsf_isa-rc02_call-for-conference-proposals.pdf |Call for Conference Proposals}}+== 2. Sociology and the New Economies == 
 +Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, June 3-4, 2021  
 +(the CfP will be published soon)