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 Download the {{:​wsf_conf2019_africa_asia_preliminary_program_2019_01_18.pdf|preliminary conference program}} Download the {{:​wsf_conf2019_africa_asia_preliminary_program_2019_01_18.pdf|preliminary conference program}}
-===== Last WSF Conference July 2018 ===== 
-== Democracy of the 21st Century: Challenges and the Ways Forward == 
-Ulaanbaatar,​ Mongolia, July 9–10, 2018 
-For more information see under Conferences 2018  
-Download the {{::​wsf-kns-title_of_papers_and_bios_conf2018.pdf|keynote speakers}}\\ 
-Download the {{:​preliminary_conference_program.pdf|preliminary conference program}}\\ 
-Download the {{:​wsf-conference_2018_poster_original.pdf|poster of the conference}} 
 ===== New Publication ===== ===== New Publication =====