Recipients of the WSF Award for Research Papers

The World Society Foundation recognizes the scientific contributions of diverse authors in the Global North and Global South. Listed below are the awards offered by the WSF throughout our history.

Year First Prize Contribution
2019 Veda Vaidyanathan “How do Chinese and Other Asian Immigrants Fare in the South African Labor Market? An Examination of Inequalities in Employment Using Data from South Africa”
2019 Kevin J.A. Thomas “Reimagining Engagement and Realigning Priorities: How India and China are Informing the African Growth Story”
2013 Scott Albrecht and Patricio Korzeniewicz “Global Wages and World Inequality: The Impact of the Great Recession”
2013 Carl Nordlund “Preceding and Governing Measurements: An Emmanuelian Conceptualization of Ecological Unequal Exchange”
2013 Robert MacPherson “Syndicalist Coalitional Activity in World-Historical Perspective”
2010 Ho-fung Hung “Global Crisis, China, and the Strange Death of the East Asian Model ”
2008 Daniela Rohrbach “Sector Bias and Sector Dualism: The Knowledge Society and Inequality”
2007 Hagai Katz “Global Civil Society Networks and Counter-Hegemony”
2007 Rafael Reuveny and William R. Thompson “The Limits of Economic Globalization: Still Another NorthSouth Cleavage?“

For more details on the WSF awards, the titles of the contributions, and their authors, please click on the following Link.

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