World Society Studies

Volume 2007/I: Civil Society–Local and Regional Responses to Global Challenges

Mark Herkenrath (editor)

Published by Lit Verlag, Münster, 2007 (distributed in the U.S. by Transaction Publishers)
ISBN 978-3-03735-165-9 (Switzerland), and 978-3-8258-0533-3 (Germany)


While contributing to social inequality and environmental degradation, recent global transformations have also strengthened civil society groups opposing these trends. Yet, as they need to transform the existing social order from within, groups struggling for social justice face various strategic dilemmas. The articles in this volume examine these dilemmas and discuss possible solutions. Issues addressed include North-South disparities in what has been called “global civil society”, and the precarious division of labor between local grassroots organizers and transnational coalition-builders.


Civil Society: Local and Regional Responses to Global Challenges: An Introduction
Mark Herkenrath

1 Connecting the Global and Local: The Impact of Globalization on Civil Society From 1990 to the Present Jeffrey Kentor and Eric Mielants

2 Civil Society Participation, the New Mantra in Foreign Development Assistance: Evidence from Bolivia Bettina Woll

3 The “Lost Generation”: African Hip Hop Movements and the Protest of the Young (Male) Urban
Daniel Künzler

4 The Role of the Internet in Transnational Mobilization: A Case Study of the Zapatista Movement, 1994-2005
Markus S. Schulz

5 Associative Self-Governance, Open Access and Global Civil Society
Michael Schiltz, Gert Verschraegen, and Stefano Magnolo

6 Global Civil Society Networks and Counter-Hegemony
Hagai Katz

7 Protesters, Participants and Politicians: Civil Society and Democratization in Latin America
R. Patricio Korzeniewicz and María Esperanza Casullo ~~UP~~

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