Democratic Struggles in Challenging Times: Insights from Mongolia around the World


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Preface and Acknowledgements

Introduction: Studying Democracy in Challenging Times
Stephen Brown

Part 1 Democratization in Mongolia

1. The Secret Supports of Mongolian Democracy
M. Steven Fish and Michael Seeberg

2. Transformation of Mongolia’s Civil Society in the Post-Socialist Era
Byambajav Dalaibuyan

3. The 2017 Deliberative Polling on Draft Amendments to the Mongolian Constitution
Munkhsaikhan Odonkhuu

4. Everyday Democracy in Mongolia: An Anthropological Approach to Democracy as Lived in the Ger Districts of Ulaanbaatar
Elizabeth Fox

Part 2 Comparative Perspectives on Democratic Struggles and the Role of Natural Resources

5. Natural Resources Management in Southeast Asia: Challenges of Corruption, Compliance and Effectiveness
Andrea Haefneriv Contents

6. Moments of Change? Negative Revenue Shocks and 109 Political Regimes
Delgerjargal Uvsh

7. Buying Votes with Rents: The Politics of Economic Populism and Clientelism in Natural Resource Dependent Democracies
Boldsaikhan Sambuu

8. The Influence of International Relations on Democratization, 1972-2005
Mathias De Roeck and Ronan Van Rossem

9. The October 1 Catalan Referendum Turns into a Struggle for Democracy
Núria Suero Comellas

Book Launch of July 6, 2021

Independent Research Institute of Mongolia (IRIM) is pleased to invite you to participate in the Book Launch “Democratic Struggles in Challenging Times: Insights from Mongolia and around the World”.

IRIM organized “The International Conference on Democracy in the 21st Century: Challenges and Ways Forward” sponsored by the World Society Foundation (WSF) in 2018. The Conference was successfully held with the papers from international scholars from 14 different countries and Mongolian scholars and with representatives from universities, NGOs, donor organizations, government organizations, media, and independent researchers.

The papers have been edited and published as a book in two languages, Mongolian and English, under the name of “Democratic Struggles in Challenging Times: Insights from Mongolia and around the World”.

IRIM will conduct the book launch event in collaboration with Asian Democracy Research Network (ADRN), online by Zoom. The launch event will be held on July 6, 2021.

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