The Return of Geopolitics

The Return of Geopolitics

Albert J. Bergesen, Christian Suter (eds.)

Published by LIT, Berlin/Münster/Wien/Zurich/London
ISBN 978-3-643-80268-2, 186 pages

With globalization fading and geopolitics on the rise this volume analyzes globalization/geopolitical cycles accompanied by rising and falling economic/military hegemonies and the Chinese concept of Tianxia as an equivalent of the idea of hegemony along with a theory of pre-emptive hegemonic decline. Geopolitical movements are also discussed including state-seeking movements since the 16th century, Kurdish struggles in Turkey, African terrorist groups, and the Russian intellectual movement called Eurasianism. Finally, there is a discussion of the geopolitics of the Anthropocene and the rise of Astropolitical theory.


1 The Return of Geopolitics in the Early 21st Century: The Globalization Geopolitics Cycles
Albert J. Bergesen and Christian Suter

2 The Problem with Unipolarity
William R. Thompson

3 Sovereignty in the Millennial World-System
Salvatore Babones

4 Pre-emptive Decline: The Weakening of Great Powers and Geopolitical Volatility
Robert A. Denemark

5 Political Economy of Secession: Global Waves of State-Seeking Nationalism, 1492 to Present
Sahan S. Karatasli

6 “Fortress-Russia”: Geopolitical Destiny, Unintended Consequences, or Policy Choices?
Andrei Melville

7 Democracy, Crisis and Geopolitics: Emergence and Transformation of Anti-Kurdish Riots in Turkey
Şefika Kumral

8 African Islamist Terrorism and the Geopolitical Fracturing of Postcolonial Borders
William F.S. Miles

9 Geopolitics in the Anthropocene
Simon Dalby

10 From Geopolitics to Astropolitics
Albert J. Bergesen

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