World Society Studies

Volume 3: Conflicts and New Departures in World Society

Volker Bornschier & Peter Lengyel (Editors)

Published by Transaction Publishers, New Brunswick, N.J., U.S.A., 1994
ISBN: 1-56000-129-1 (cloth)


This third volume in the World Society Studies series focuses on a central theme: how market mechanisms can correct the world welfare deficit and also resolve the environmental crisis through processes of sustainable development. The two editors trace how such objectives have been addressed since the 1960s, and describe the parameters of the debate. Conflicts and New Departures in Word Society contains original research on confluences and fissures in emerging world society, in both international and domestic arenas.

The sixteen contributors offer an unusually wide range of perspectives. Topics include peace and war, core-periphery situations, and social and labor conflicts. Marek Thee traces the quest for a demilitarized and nuclear-free world. Johan Kaufmann analyze s the role of the United Nations in the post-cold war era. Jill Crystal concentrates on the human rights environment in the Arab world. H. C. F. Mansilla comments on the destruction of the tropical forests in Bolivia. Other contributors include Bruce Russett, Christian Suter, John Foran, Beverly Silver, and Georg Kohler.

Conflicts and New Departures in World Society gives intellectual substance to the still nebulous notion of a world society. It does so not by advocacy, but by indicating parallel social, economic, and political conditions that compel new interactio ns between advanced and developing lands. This book will be of interest to sociologists, environmentalists, and political theorists and scientists.

Volker Bornschier is professor of sociology at the University of Zurich and president of the World Society Foundation. He has written widely on social development.

Perer Lengyel is an economist whose book International Social Science: The UNESCO Experience was published by Transaction. For thirty years he served as editor of International Social Science Journal.



Emergences and Conflict Dynamics in World Society
Volker Bornschier and Peter Lengyel

I Peace and War

1 The Democratic Peace
Bruce Russett

2 War, Politics and the Market: Reflections after the Great Potlatch
Georg Kohler

3 Armaments and Disarmament in the Post-Cold War Period: The Quest for a Demilitarized and Nuclear-Free World
Marek Thee

4 The Role of the United Nations in the Post-Cold War Era
Johan Kaufmann, Dick Leurdijk, Nico Schrijver

II Core-Periphery Situations

5 The Emerging Human Rights Environment in the Arab World
Jill Crystal

6 The World Bank and Expropriation Disputes in Africa
Adeoye Akinsanya

7 World Economic Integration and Political Conflict in Latin America
Michael Nollert

8 Genesis and Dynamics of Populist Regimes at the Periphery
Christian Suter

9 The Causes of Latin American Social Revolutions: Searching for Patterns in Mexico, Cuba and Nicaragua
John Foran

10 Mexico's Unresolved Crisis
Hanspeter Stamm

11 Social Perception of Environmental Problems: Destruction of Tropical Forests and Ethnic Protest Movements in Bolivia
H.C.F. Mansilla

12 Between Reform and Disaster: Options for Sub-Saharian Africa in the Emerging Global Order
Julius O. Ihonvbere

III Social and Labor Conflicts

13 The Globalization of Social Conflict
James Mittelman

14 Cycles of Hegemony and Labor Unrest in the Contemporary World System Beverly J. Silver

15 Governmental Budgeting: A Computer Model of Conflict and Bargaining
Georg P. Müller

16 Political Conflict and Labor Disputes at the Core: An Encompassing Review for the Post-War Era
Volker Bornschier and Michael Nollert ~~UP~~

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