After Globalization: The Future of World Society

The World Society Foundation (WSF) is celebrating its 40th anniversary of its activity as World Observatory supporting social sciences scholars and scientific research all over the world, particularly those from the Global South, to investigate the various processes of Global Integration and Disintegration, (Re)structuring and (Re)configuration. The WSF invites you to submit theoretical and empirical contributions on the ongoing transformative processes (re)shaping the future of World Society.

Issues that may be addressed by papers include (but are not limited to) the following topics:

- Deglobalization, fragmentation, or reconfiguration of world society
- Re-examining and (re)theorizing the concept of world society in the context of deglobalization
- Asia, Latin America, Africa, and the European periphery as part and drivers of a deglobalizing world society
- Deglobalization and digitalization of world society
- Deglobalization and democracy in retreat
- World cultural de-standardization, (sub)cultural differentiation, and resistance
- Deglobalization and ecological transformation of world society: Capabilities of mitigating climate change

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