World Society Studies

Volume 1: World Society Studies

Volker Bornschier & Peter Lengyel (editors)

Published by Campus Verlag, Frankfurt and New York, 1990
ISBN 3-593-34309-6


The World Society Foundation, Zurich, sponsors an occasional series entitled “World Society Studies” to bring significant findings of the research funded by it to the attention of a broad public. The first volume, hardcover, 275 pages, edited by Volker Bornschier and Peter Lengyel, appeared in 1990. It contains eleven contributions.

These authoritative essays are not only samples of the kind of work supported by the Foundation but also provide analyses and historical background to the dynamics of current events, transnational processes and their possible long-term outcomes.


I General Approaches

1 Introduction: Notions of World Society
Volker Bornschier and Peter Lengyel

2 Social Inequality in the World System: An Assessment
Michael Nollert

3 Crisis and Transformation in the World Order
Heraldo Muñoz

4 Crisis Management and the North-South Scenario
Walter Sánchez

II Latin American Perspectives and Comparisons

5 The Nature and Meaning of the Wars of Hispanic American Liberation
Perry Anderson

6 Society, State and Person in Latin America
Walter Sánchez

7 World Economy and Geopolitics: The Case of Brazil
Raimo Väyrynen

8 Australia and South America: Patterns of Semi-Peripherality
Peter Lengyel

9 Detoriating Nutritional Situations in Latin America and Africa
Carl Oliva

III Special Subjects

10 Peace Research and Peace Science: A Partial Stocktaking
Bruce Russett

11 External Debt of the Periphery: A Recurrent Problem of World Society
Christian Suter, Hanspeter Stamm and Ulrich Pfister ~~UP~~

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