World Society Studies

Volume 2010: Inequality Beyond Globalization :
Economic Changes, Social Transformations, and the Dynamics of Inequality

Christian Suter (editor)

Published by Lit Verlag, Münster, 2010 (distributed in the U.S. by Transaction Publishers)
ISBN 978-3-643-80072-5


This volume debates the complex nature of the relationships between globalization, social and economic transformations, and growing inequalities. Employing a global, world-historical and comparative perspective, the 15 articles brought together in this volume deal with three central questions: Firstly, the question of the spatiotemporal evolution and variations in growing inequalities, secondly, the relative importance of globalization as compared to other factors that explain growing inequalities and, thirdly, institutional variations affecting inequality dynamics and globalization impacts.


Towards a Global Perspective on Social Inequalities: An Introduction
Christian Suter, Jean-Michel Bonvin, Gaël Curty, Mark Herkenrath, Michael Nollert, Hanno Scholtz and Ionela Vlase

1 Rethinking Inequality from a World-Historical Perspective
Roberto Patricio Korzeniewicz and Timothy Patrick Moran

2 On the Evolution of Inequality in the World System
Volker Bornschier

3 Globalization and North-South Inequality in the Long Run
Karen Rasler and William R. Thompson

4 The Knowledge Sector and Income Inequality
Daniela Rohrbach-Schmidt

5 Re-Stratified Europe: Regional Integration, Economic Convergence, and Income Polarization in the European Union
Jason Beckfield

6 Income Distribution in the Latin American Southern Cone in Two Globalizations
Luis Bértola, Cecilia Castelnovo, Javier Rodríguez and Henry Willebald

7 Global Inequality, Within-Nation Inequality, and the Changing Distribution of Income in Seven Transitional and Middle-Income Societies
Arthur S. Alderson and Kevin Doran

8 Conceptualizing “Precarious Prosperity” for Comparative Research
Monica Budowski, Robin Tillmann, Wiebke Keim and Michèle Amacker

9 Social Vulnerability Approach and the Transformations in the Labor Market: The Impact of Instable Jobs on Household Structures
Mauro Migliavacca

10 Labor Market Entry and Early Career Outcomes in Spain: Changes over Time and a Cross-National European Comparison
Fabrizio Bernardi and Juan-Ignacio Martínez-Pastor

11 Post-layoff Work Trajectories in Argentina: Social Inequality and Polarization in the Late 1990s
Agustín Salvia, Laura Ariovich, Pablo Gutiérrez Ageitos and Iara Hadad

12 Informal Work and the Penalization of Individual Responsibility: The Swiss Case
Jérôme Heim, Patrick Ischer, Gaël Curty and François Hainard

13 Formal and Informal Social Protection in Sub- Saharan Africa: A Complex Welfare Mix to Reduce Poverty and Inequality
Rika Verpoorten and Gert Verschraegen

14 Trends in Educational Stratification in Reform-Era China, 1981–2006
Maocan Guo and Xiaogang Wu

15 Market Liberalization and Increasing Social Inequality in Australia: Facts and Perceptions
John Western and Jenny Chesters ~~UP~~

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