Local organizing committee

Jean-Michel Bonvin, University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland
Gaël Curty, University of Neuchâtel
Michael Nollert, University of Fribourg
Hanno Scholtz, University of Zurich
Christan Suter, University of Neuchâtel
Ionela Vlase, University of Neuchâtel

Scientific advisory board

Christopher Chase-Dunn (University of California-Riverside)
Alberto Martinelli (University of Milan)
Sylvia Walby (Lancaster University)
Local organizing committee

Conference sponsorship

World Society Foundation (Main sponsor)
Swiss National Science Foundation
Académie suisse des sciences humaines et sociales
Research Committee 02 on Economy and Society of the International Sociological Association
Research Committee on Economic Sociology of the Swiss Sociological Association Swiss Sociological Association
Ville de Neuchâtel, Direction des Travaux Publics

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