World Society Studies

Volume 2011: World Society in the Global Economic Crisis

Christian Suter and Mark Herkenrath (editors)

Published by Lit Verlag, Münster, 2012 (distributed in the U.S. by Transaction Publishers)
ISBN 978-3-643-80073-2


The global financial and economic crisis started in 2008 with the collapse of Lehman Brothers. Four years later, despite massive national and international countermeasures, it is still not over. This volume examines the considerable economic, social and political consequences of the present global crisis for world society. In particular, the 16 contributions focus on three central issues: Firstly, the long-term mechanisms of the recent global crisis and their relationship with world society structures and dynamics, secondly, crisis impacts and policy responses illustrated by case studies in different world regions, thirdly, crisis perceptions and crisis framing by different individual and collective actors, as well as the mass media.


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Introduction: The Global Financial and Economic Crisis of 2008–2009 in Comparative and Historical Perspectives
Christian Suter and Mark Herkenrath

PART I Global Economic Crisis and World Development: Evolutionary Perspectives and Theoretical Approaches

1 Some Neglected Aspects of the Global Crisis
Alberto Martinelli

2 Crises and Countermovements in World Evolutionary Perspective
Christopher Chase-Dunn and Roy Kwon

3 The Current Economic Crisis, the Longue Durée, and Regional Dominance
Jeffrey Kentor, Eric Mielants and Peter Grimes

4 The Post-Cold War World in Economic Crisis: Impact on World Society
Mario Apostolov

5 Development within or against Capitalism? A Critical Appraisal of Amartya Sen’s Development as Freedom
Ben Selwyn

PART II Crisis Impacts and Responses: Regional and Local Perspectives

6 Global Crisis, China, and the Strange Demise of the East Asian Model
Ho-fung Hung

7 Uncovering the Complexity: An Essay on the Benefits of the Value Chain Approach to Global Crisis Studies—A Case Study from Jepara, Indonesia
Achmad Uzair Fauzan and Herry Purnomo

8 The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Australia
Jenny Chesters and John Western

9 Financial Crisis and Political Change: The Great Depression (1929–1933) in the United States in Historical Perspective
Tobias Straumann

10 The Central African Subregion Facing the Global Economic Crisis: Deficits of Governance and Dynamics of Integration
Armand Leka Essomba

11 The Effect of Global Financial Crisis in the CEMAC Area and Policy Responses in the Light of the European, American and Asian Answers
Christian Brice Kamga Kam

12 The Global Economic Crisis as Disclosure of Different Types of Capitalism in Latin America
Ilán Bizberg

PART III Crisis Perceptions, Public Discourse and Neoliberal Hegemony

13 Financial Crisis in Chile and Costa Rica: Perceptions of Households in Precarious Prosperit
Michèle Amacker, Monica Budowski and Sebastian Schief

14 The Financial Crisis and the Media: An Analysis of Newspapers in the United Kingdom, the United States and Switzerland between 2007 and 2009
Mario Schranz and Mark Eisenegger

15 The Migrant Domestic Workers’ Counter-Frames in the Context of the Global Economic Crisis
Ligaya Lindio-McGovern

16 The Global Economic Crisis and Neoliberal Hegemony: Will There Be Any Radical Changes?
Robert Cox

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