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- Basu, Pratyusha and Janiec, Milena Geopolitics of connectivity: Analyzing China's construction of railways in Kenya

- Beuck, Erik. Economic strength or economic weakness? The impact of China's one belt, one road initiative in Kenya

- Deepthi, Shanker. Indian Entrepreneurs in Africa: Role of Transnational Habitus in Bridging the Two Countries Through their Entrepreneurial Ventures

- Ebi N'godo, Filomène. The revitalisation of China and Cote d'Ivoire cooperation from 1994 to 2013

- Khan-Mohammad, Guive. The Arrival of "Made in China" in Burkina Faso: An African Transnational Traders' History

- Kuriti, Ananda Rao and Visweswara, Rao K. Indian diaspora in Asia and Africa: An analysis

- Lammich, Georg. The Regional Dimension of Sino-African development cooperation

- Lee, Sooa. Symbolic Power, Habitus, and the Development of Cross National Knowledge Sharing

- Lesley, Braun Nicole. Congolese Women's Cargo: Networks of transaction between Congo and China

- Liang, Zai and Zhou, Bo. Africans in China: The Role of Religion in the Process of Social Integration

- Mueller, Lukas Maximilian. Periphery to Periphery ? Southeast Asian Developmental Foreign Policy in West Africa

- Nair, Manjusha. Transparent Capital: Indian textiles, global standards, and the Ethiopian developmental state

- Nyemba, Eve. Implications of Zimbabwe's re-engagement policy on its bilateral relations with China

- Sarkar, Sasmal Sukanya. Peeping at a colony from a colony: Africa in Bengali's Perception

- Schwaar, Agathe. "Having an edge on the others", The importance of social and cultural capital through international education, a case study of China and Ghana

- Segumpan, Reynaldo. Construction, Communication, Co-existence: A Phenomenological Study of African Minority College Students' Academic Journey in the Sultanate of Oman

- Seign-Goura, Yorbana. Chinese Infrastructure Projects in Central African Countries: Incentives, Local Implications and Significations

- Selmier, W. Travis. Africa and China: Still Geographically Distant, Yet Increasingly Linked through the Belt and Road Initiative

- Thomas, Kevin J-A. How do Chinese and other Asian immigrants fare in the South African labor market ?

- Vaidyanathan, Veda. Reimagining Engagement and Realigning Priorities: How India and China are Informing the African growth story

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