Projects funded by the World Society Foundation

(since the beginning of its funding activity in 1984; as of January 2003)

Churilov, Nikolaj (Kiew). 1993
Die Katastrophe von Tschernobyl, Weltgesellschaft und die Wirkung auf die Ukraine.
Coleman, David Anwyll (Oxford). 1996
Towards a World Population System: is the indutrial world acquiring a common demographic pattern?
Coppedge, Michael John (Notre Dame, Indiana, USA). 1999
Patterns of Diffusion in the Third Wave of Democracy.
Standort: Bibliothek des Soziologischen Institutes: Signatur WSF 9
Crystal, Jill (Ann Arbor/MI). 1991
Liberalization and its Limits: State Formation and State Violence in the Middle East.
Cusack, Thomas, R. (Berlin). 1987
Exploring Alternative Realpolitik Theses: Project Outline.
Cutler, Robert Marc (Montreal). 1997
The Proliferation of International Parliamentary Institutions: A Neglected Phenomenon of World Society and Politics.
Devi Lakshmy K.R. (Trichur, Kerala, India). 1995
Status of Immigrant Women Workers from India to the Middle East.
Devi Lakshmy K.R. /Pillai, P.P. (Aranattukara, Thrissur, Kerala, India). 1999
Globalization and International Migration of Workers. A Study with Special Reference to the Immigrant Women from India to the United States of America.
Standort: Bibliothek des Soziologischen Institutes: Signatur WSF 52
Eichengreen, Barry (Berkeley, CA). 2001
Management of International Financial Policy Reforms to “Bail In” the Private Sector.
Eisenstadt, Shmuel N. (Jerusalem). 1988
Dynamics of Civilizations and Institutional Variability in Modern Societies.
Eisenstadt, Shmuel N. (Jerusalem). 1995
Historical Experience of Civilizations and Patterns of Modernity.
Fielder, Nicola (Zürich) (unter der Leitung von V. Bornschier). 1993
Die Beschleunigung der EG-Integration als Teil des sozialen Wandels im Zentrum der Weltgesellschaft. (Initialförderung)
Flora, Peter (Mannheim) und Beat Fux (Zürich). 1994
Familienwandel und Familienpolitik. Die Schweiz im internationalen Vergleich.
Foran, John (Santa Barbara, CA). 1993
Third World Social Revolutions: A Comparative Study.
Foran, John (Santa Barbara, CA). 1994
Who Makes Revolutions and Why? Class, Gender and Ethnicity in the Mexican, Cuban, and Nicaraguan Revolutions.
Standort: Bibliothek des Soziologischen Institutes: Signatur WSF 12
Frank, André Gunder (Toronto). 1997
Real World History vs. Eurocentric Social Theory.


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