Projects funded by the World Society Foundation

(since the beginning of its funding activity in 1984; as of January 2003)

Adeymo, Remi (Ile-Ife, Nigeria). 2000
A Dangerous Awakening: Population Battles in Sub-Saharian Africa.
Standort: Bibliothek des Soziologischen Institutes: Signatur WSF 2
Akinsanya, Adeoye (Ilorin, Nigeria). 1991
The World Bank and Expropriation Disputes: The experiences of Africa. (planning grant)
Standort:Bibliothek des Soziologischen Institutes: Signatur WSF 3
Aklaev, Airat (Moscow). 1999
World Society, Democracy and Ethnic Peace: Ethnopolitics of Democratic Consolidation in Europe, South and East.
Standort: Bibliothek des Soziologischen Institutes: Signatur WSF 4
Albert, Mathias (Frankfurt/M.). 1999
One Society, many Perspectives: Contemporary Theories of World Society.
Alderson, Arthur S. (Chapel Hill, NC). 2001
The Structure of the World City System.
Alston, Philip (Medford, MA). 1989
A Study of the Concept of Economic and Social Human Rights and its Implications in National and International Law.
Anderson, Perry (London). 1985
State Forms Generated by the Capitalist World Economy.
Apostolov, Mario (Sofia). 1999
The Contemporary Dimensions of the Frontier between Christianity and Islam with Special Reference to the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean.
Standort: Bibliothek des Soziologischen Institutes: Signatur WSF 6
Arrighi, Giovanni (Binghamton, N.Y.). 1990
World-Scale Patterns of Labor Unrest, 1870 to the Present.
Standort: Bibliothek des Soziologischen Institutes: Signatur WSF 53
Arrighi, Giovanni (Binghamton, N.Y.). 1996
The Stratification of the World-Economy. Global, Local, and Regional Aspects.
Ate, Bassey E. 1988
Towards a Just World Society: African Perspectives and Strategies. (planning grant)
Bairoch, Paul & Batou, Jean (Geneva). 1994
Indicators of the Vitality of Nations - Europe, the United States and Japan in the Twentieth Century.
Bellucci, Paolo (Roma). 1990
Foreign Aid and Foreign Policy: A Test of Alternative Models of Western Countries' Allocation of Bilateral Aid.
Bernauer, Thomas (Zürich). 1997
Vom Territorialstaat zum virtuellen Staat? Globalisierungsprozesse und Grundstrukturen der Weltgesellschaft.
Blaschke, Jochen (Berlin). 2000
Zwischen Resignation und Aggression: von der Immigranten-Community zur Diaspora.
Boli, John (Atlanta, Georgia). 2000
World Culture and Transnational Corporations.
Boswell, Terry (Atlanta, GA, USA). 2003
The Effects of World-Systemic Dynamics on the Patterns of Revolutions since 1500.
Boutenko, Irina A. (Moscow) & Caldwell, Gary (Canada). 1997
Misery of Social Thinkers in the Emerging Civil Society
Standort: Bibliothek des Soziologischen Institutes: Signatur WSF 8


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