African-Asian Relations: Past, Present, Future

World Society Studies
A series edited by
the World Society Foundation
Zurich, Switzerland
Schweizerische Afrikastudien
Etudes africaines suisses
Editors: Patrick Ziltener, Christian Suter


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1. African–Asian Relations: 2000 Years of History and the New Dynamism in 21st Century
Patrick Ziltener and Christian Suter

2. Ancient Connections between Asia and East Africa (First through Fifteenth Centuries)
Philippe Beaujard

3. The Arrival of “Made in China” in Burkina Faso: An African Transnational Traders’ History
Guive Khan-Mohammad

4. Africa and China: Still Geographically Distant, Yet Increasingly Linked through the Belt and Road Initiative
W. Travis Selmier II

5. The Regional Dimension of Sino-African Development Cooperation 89
Georg Lammich

6. Reimagining Engagement and Realigning Priorities: Contrasting Indian and Chinese Approaches to Africa
Veda Vaidyanathan

7. The Perils of China’s Silk Road for a Pax Africana: Ghana’s Prosaic Dance with Destiny?
Naaborle Sackeyfio

VI Contents

8. China in the Developing World–Rogue Aid Donor or Cure That Comes with Side Effects?
Andreas Fuchs and Elena Quante

9. The Revitalization of China and Côte d’Ivoire Cooperation, 1994–2013
Ebi N’godo Filomène

10. Chinese Infrastructure Projects in Central Africa: The Specter of White Elephants?
Yorbana Seign-Goura

11. The Challenges of Cross-National Knowledge Sharing: A Case Study of International Collaborative Project Between South Korea and Tanzania
Sooa Lee

12. Mafan: Community Formation and Dynamics of Nigerian-Chinese Interracial Interaction in Guangzhou City
Kudus Oluwatoyin Adebayo

13. Implications of Zimbabwe’s Re-Engagement Policy on its Bilateral Relations with China
Eve Zvichanzi Nyemba, Prolifi c Mataruse, and Donald Peter Chimanikire

14. How do Chinese and Other Asian Immigrants Fare in the South African Labor Market? An Examination of Inequalities in Employment Using Data from South Africa
Kevin J.A. Thomas


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